Monetization & Controlled Engagement

for Media Agencies

Out-of-app user behavior makes your users more valuable. For us, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Earn extra Money

  • Creates additional ad inventory on top of your current ad space
  • Max 2 ads allowed per user in a month
  • Only premium ads with premium dollars paid
  • Does not interfere with any of your current advertising model
  • Can track every ad that touches your users

Track each Push Notification

  • Send bulk PN including rich media
  • Monitor who receives your PN, when & where
  • Break down PN activity by unique segments
  • Identify similar users responding the same way

Accelerate Growth with [out-of-app] insights

  • Revive Inactive users: See which devices have been inactive and engage with them
  • Stay ahead of Competition: Find out rival app trends amongst your users
  • Bring in more of those paying customers: Identify your whales and get more of them
  • Location & POI intelligence: Discover your users’ moving habits for effective engagements

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